10 Secrets To Make Money With AdSense

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Is your Adsense revenue lackluster?
Are you tired of trying to figure the secrets of more successful websites?
Earning money with Adsense does not have to be a guessing game, and anyone
with the right information can easily achieve the following:

How to start making money with AdSense even if you have never done it
How to triple your current click-through if you already have any.
Multiply you earnings.
Make More Than $10,000 in one month, every month, with Adsense
The Secrets to Making More Money with Adsense
Believe it or not, there are time-tested secrets to increasing your Adsense
revenue. We can teach you how.
By learning and following our carefully researched strategies, you will learn what
98% of Adsense publishers will never know on how to create an enormously
profitable online-business.
Sure, it may SEEM like you’re the only one not meeting your financial goals
online, but sadly, only 2% of online entrepreneurs will ever successfully
implement the tools necessary to financial success.
You can be part of that 2% that are succeeding!!!
Why You Need This Information
As we’ve said already, 98% of online businesses are not maximizing their profit
potential. While in many industries, “following the crowd” may be the best way to
guarantee a profit, this is not so with online ventures.
You must stand out to make money.
Simply slapping up an ad is no guarantee of making money - just ask the 98% of
online publishers who do…
Learning our strategies will ensure that you set your site apart from the crowd.
Who Needs This Information
No one wants to come out and say it, but we will;
anyone who wants to build and maintain websites for the sole purpose of
earning Adsense revenue can and will benefit from our tips. And face it, that’s
why so many people DO maintain websites. Not only this form of business not
uncommon, it’s almost expected.

Are you not interested in maintaining websites simply for Adsense profits, but
could still use some tips for improving your revenue? We can still help.
Anyone who wants to generate more traffic and Adsense revenues needs to
understand trade secrets if they are to be successful.
Remember, while the internet is a wide-open frontier, standing out in the sea of
online advertisers only gets more difficult with each passing day.
Learn how to stop visitors dead in their tracks and to earn more money.

So Let's Start….
Things You Have to Know Before We Start.
Before anyone can begin to understand the basics of increasing their earnings
with Adsense, they must have a certain level of background knowledge.
Before we begin, make sure that you know how to do the following, and that you
aren’t fooled into buying this information from anyone touting it as a “secret” to
While the following fundamentals are key to success, they are not big secrets, so
don’t be fooled into paying for them. Do, however, take time to learn and
implement them if you haven’t already.

Using large rectangle blocks for Adsense ads, borders, and outlines that
are the same (or similar) color as your web page will avoid having your ad
“stand out”. In addition, sticking with the color blue is ALWAYS the best
bet, as internet surfers are accustomed to clicking on blue-colored links.
However, from our experience the below adds give us the best results.

You don't have to write your own original content – Stop worry about
duplicate content, done right you can use other people content, rank high
in search engines and they will thank you for this!

Tip #1: Forget About Perfect Markets.
Looking for a “hot market” and then trying to get in on the action just makes
sense, right? Wrong.
While some online markets are definitely more profitable than others, the key to
success with AdSense is not through picking one high-quality market and sticking
with it - it’s about quantity.
Put simply, the more you diversify your online interests, the more money you are
bound to make.
Does this mean that you shouldn’t take time to do market research by checking
Overture’s search numbers, click costs, search engine competition, and affiliate
No. Those are fundamental tools that you simply must use and master.
But understand that not all markets are as easy to conquer as others, and there
is honestly no rhyme, no reason, and no market research that can determine
which ones you’ll have success with.
For example, one day you may be able to reach the top-ten in a super
competitive market, and the next day you may find yourself barely entering
Google’s ratings. Even wide-open, non-competitive markets may be difficult to
get a foothold in (rankings wise), making predicting success is difficult if not
impossible. Chances are, if you test out ten markets, at least two or three will be profitable.
Do this every week, and odds are that you’ll be making quite a profit in no time.

Tip #2: Quantity Outweighs Quality
Unless you are extremely gifted at predicting the future, we suggest that you
heed this secret. It is based on simple math. The more opportunities you are
working with, the better you can expect the results to be.
We learned a long time ago that we cannot accurately guess which markets are
going to profitable and which are not.
Now do not misunderstand us. We do all the standard market research that we
all need to do before choosing a market.
We would investigate Overture's search numbers and cost per clicks, we'd check
on the competition, we'd make sure there were at least 2 or 3 reliable and solid
affiliate programs associated with the particular market and so forth and so on.
We were doing our homework.
But even after all the research, the investigating, there were some markets that
we were simply not able to turn a profit in.
More often than not, we noticed that this failure had nothing to do with the
competition that we faced in that market. In fact, there were some markets that
were very competitive in which we achieved very high rankings. Then, for some
reason, there were other markets that should have been a snap for us to profit in
that did not pan out at all. There were times when we couldn’t even make the top
10 for a single keyword!
So that's when we decided to employ a new methodology.
It's simple: throw enough out there and something will hit the target.
And it works.
After using this rather simple method and seeing the results, we no longer care if
a market appears to be quality market or not. Our results proved to us, at least,
that if we go into 10 markets, we can usually expect 2 or 3 of them to turn out to
be profitable winners.
Once we understood that this method, while simple, returned good results, we
continued to use it. We would put in another ten markets per week, and over
time, by doing that, week after week, we eventually built a huge network of sites,
in hundreds of different markets, all of them profitable.
Now, you can follow our suggestion and do what we have been doing or you can
work yourself to death trying to find those few “perfect” markets, which, as far as
we are concerned, actually change one week from the next.
Our method takes work. There is no way around that truism. But we have some
tips on that for you as well.

Tip #3: This is business. It is not playtime.
You might be surprised by the number of people who complain that they do not
make any significant income from their AdSense campaigns. When we ask them
how many markets they're in or how many domains they have, their answer is
usually 10 or 15 markets, and only 1 or 2 domains per market.
Here is another truth that many people do not want to face head-on. You cannot
make any money with AdSense unless you are in a lot of markets. And within
those many markets, you must have many websites if you want to really
penetrate your niche market and make the most profits from that market. In
today’s world, you need to have a lot of smaller sites.
So how can you do all of that?
Well, you cannot, unless you first address some important issues.
In order for you to accomplish all this work, you need three things:
1) Procedures
2) Achievable Goals
3) Help
PROCEDURES: As mentioned above, in order for you to maximize your profits
and exposure, you must have a lot of websites working for you. With that being
the case, you need to have some system of generating a lot of websites and be
able to get those sites up and running in as quick a fashion as possible.
So how about an assembly line metaphor? Let’s assume you want to get into 20
markets. One way to do this would be for you to do the keyword research for all
20 markets. Then purchase your domain names. Then setup your hosting
accounts. And lastly build and upload your web pages.
Your procedure, in this case, allows you to work in a systematic, organized way
which is much more efficient than attempting to build each site, one at a time,
and one domain at a time.
ACHEIVEABLE GOALS: Anyone who is self-employed, either full time or part
time, understands the importance of setting realistic goals and then achieving
those goals. You need to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals to keep yourself
on track and give yourself a clear picture of where you are and where you want
to go.
Your goal list is your roadmap to success.
However, each goal that you set for yourself must be achievable. Do not set your
goals so high that failure is almost assured. That sort of action will kill your self-
confidence and cause you to lose faith in your work.
If you are just getting started out, you might set a monthly goal of 10 markets,
with 3 domains per market.
Is that too much?
How about starting with 5 markets with 2 domains per market?
You would then set weekly and daily goals to ensure that you meet (and even
exceed) the goals you set.
Without goals you can't keep score, and if you can't keep score you don't know if
you're winning or losing in business, or in life, for that matter.
HELP: The last element that is vital to your success is help.
In order for all the work to get done, you will need to outsource as much as
This is vital. You must understand why outsourcing is so important.
Your mission is to perform a task only until you know it well enough to teach
someone else how to do it. The faster you can duplicate yourself, the faster you
can expand your business as you focus on the most profitable actions that need
to be taken. For this to work, you have to be management, not grunt.
Our entire page generation business is 100% outsourced. We have one person
who selects my markets, another does the keyword research for those markets,
and yet another who actually builds and manages all my pages.
This frees us up to concentrate on the markets that are truly profitable. It allows
us the time and the mental space to think through our next move. That freedom
to think would be greatly diminished if we had to spend the majority of our time
doing work that others can do just as well, and, in some cases, better than us.

Tip #4: Target your pages to Keyword Phrases
Regardless of the markets that you are in, the vast majority of your traffic will
come from the 3- to 5-word keyword phrases you select rather than from your 1-
and 2-word "root keyword".
If you're going into the "Birthday Cards" market, you will get more traffic from
keyword phrases like "Free Printable Birthday Cards” than from something like
“Birthday Cards”.
The secret for more traffic is to aim your website pages (title tags and content) to
keyword phrases. To find the best keyword phrases you may use
www.WordTracker.com or overture keyword suggestion tool here:

Tip #5: Use Relevant Content Related To the Theme
There are a lot of places where you can borrow content and articles as long as
you credit the writer with a link to his/her site. The best content is an original
content, however building a huge network of sites writing articles yourself or
outsource the writing tasks to other ghostwriters is time consuming and very
expensive. We use other people articles, once combining more then one article
on a page, make the page an original page.
Below you may find a list of article directories where you can borrow articles and

Tip #6: Use Fewer Links
This secret revolves around mathematical probability and common sense. If you
have 25 links to other webpages on your page, and only 5 of those links are
AdSense ads that pay you, chances are pretty good that you visitors will click on
the links that do not pay you.
Having too many links that do not pay is even more damaging to your CTR than
having too much content on the page.
Placing your AdSense ads at the top will help some, but you are still going to lose
a lot of traffic by giving your visitors the option to click away via a link that doesn't
So how can you deal with this challenge?
1) You can put the non profitable links at the bottom of the page
2) Each link should open in a new browser using the html target="_blank"

Tip #7: The Fewer Ads the Better
When Google raised the ad block limit from one per page, to two, and then later
to three, many marketers decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and max
out the number of ad blocks on their pages.
That was not a good idea and many of these marketers have suffered from it.
It is important for you to remember that when you publish Google AdSense ads
on your pages, Google is effectively syndicating their Adwords ads, which is a
pay-per-click advertising network.
Many people have tried many methods of doing just this thing. Some have tried
using arrows and other graphics that point to their ads, in the hopes of pulling
visitors in, but, be warned, Google seriously frowns upon this type of behavior.
What they don't mind, however, is if an image appears next to your ad block, and
if that image just so happens to catch the eye, well…
More subtle, but still highly effective, is to have an unrelated image sitting next to
your ads. For example, if your page is about a particular magazine, you may
want to include a photo of the editor of that magazine next to the ads. The photo
of this editor will naturally draw the eye toward it. At the same time, Google would
not mind this photo being there because it directly relates to the content of the
Another way to “sell” the ad is to place the article below the ads and below the
fold so that the visitor does not see immediately see it. Now this is highly
aggressive and may cause trouble for you with Google, so use at your own
If you want to be less aggressive, make sure you include plenty of resources in
the article below the ads. Keep in mind what we discussed earlier that the more
content and links the lower your CTR will be. In this case, it is very good advice
to test, test, test.
The last tip for this section is so simple and easy to use it is nearly insane. When
you write your paragraph or two of content, make sure you end the last sentence
of the last paragraph with an ellipse.
Like this …
Generally speaking, when people begin reading something they want to finish it.
By leaving them hanging with the ellipse, you are inviting them to click on the link
to read the rest of the content. It makes it appear as if the article continues on
one of the pages being linked to, and many times they will click on the link just to
get to the rest of the content.

Tip #8: Sell the Click…Carefully and Creatively
Google policy strictly forbids you from writing out, “Click on the links below”. They
do that to protect the advertisers, and to keep things fair for each advertiser.
However, if you can “suggest” that your visitors click on the links (without actually
saying it in print), your CTR will be greatly increased.

Tip #9: Avoid the "Advertise on this site" Program
Sometimes what is good for someone else is not good for you. This is one of
those occasions.
By allowing "OnSite Advertiser Signup" on your sites, Google automatically
posts a link at the top of all your ads. The premise is that a potential advertiser
will visit your site, decide they want to advertise on your site, and click that
Google link to signup.
On the surface it sounds like a good idea. But when we tested it, it cost us money
to tune of a 9% drop across the board.
We're not sure what caused this but we do have my suspicions:
First, it was another link on my sites. As mentioned above, the more links you
have, the less money you make. And in this case, the only way to be paid
through this link is if someone actually fills out the form and signs up. That does
not happen very often, if ever.
The second reason we feel this “enhancement” cost us money is that the ad itself
makes my other ads look less like resources and more like ads. It's bad enough
that Google still puts that unsightly and annoying "Ads by Gooooooogle" line
across the top of your ad block, but adding another "Advertise on this site" link
right next to it really pushes it over the edge. People hate advertising when it is in
their face. What do they do? They leave. Fast.
Third, very few advertisers, at least those who are serious, are going to be willing
to agree to advertise on your site and your site alone. It is simply not good
business to be tied to one site (even if that site belongs to you) and most people
will not agree to that. We know we would never agree to participate in something
like that, something that restrictive. We can’t blame others for not wanting to do it
Most of the people we have talked to have also experienced a decline in
earnings when the ad appeared on their sites. If you have it on your pages, you
should consider dropping it.
"OnSite Advertiser Signup" is activated by default at Google. Unless you tell
them you do NOT want to participate in the program, they will turn it on.
It is easy enough to check and to fix. Log in to your Adsense account and click
on the "My Account" link. Scroll down to the bottom and look for the line that
says: OnSite Advertiser Sign-Up. Make sure this says "You are not currently
subscribed to Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up". If it doesn't say that, click the "Edit"
button and unsubscribe.
Now, it may take a few days (perhaps longer) for the code to update across all of
your pages, but eventually it will vanish, and hopefully your profits will increase.

Tip #10: Get Indexed in The Search Engines.
The best way to get indexed and crawled by search engine bots is by getting
links from other websites that are already indexed in the search engines. Then
when the search engine bots will crawl the site that is pointing to your site it will
notice the link to your site and after a few days will start crawling your site and
There are a lot of ways to get links from other sites and I will mention a few
1) Link exchange with other websites that are on the same theme as your
site (link exchange done wrong can get your site ban by search engines)
2) You can submit your sites to search engine friendly directories.
3) You can write articles and submit them toy article directories
4) You can use companies that their expert is linking for example
There are a lot of other ways to gain links to your sites, the above are very easy
to use and implement. Of course you can outsource the link building tasks if you,
as we do!
Links is one of the most important things to get to the top of the search engines,
if done correctly.
Last Thoughts:
The key to dramatically increasing your profits through Adsense is in the
numbers. The only thing separating you from a $20 a day profit and a $200 a day
profit is the numbers. If you do more of what you are already doing, the numbers
will take of the rest.
But be intelligent about it, too. Be smarter than the next person. Set up and then
use your Procedures. Make that Goal List that we explored earlier and then
achieve those goals, one at a time. Outsource when it is the smart thing to do.
Never be afraid to ask for help.
This business is about volume. You should ask yourself as often as possible,
“How many markets are you going into this month?" Your answer to that
question, more than almost anything else, will determine your success.
Once you know how many markets you want to open in a given month, sit down
and plan out each step that must be taken in order to make that goal happen.
Use the assembly line method we spoke of earlier. Do your work in batches
rather than one site at a time. Find good people who can help you with keyword
research, website design and maintenance, and other tas

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