1: The ideal Google AdSense page should have great content about a very
specific topic. Take pains to be very clear about what the topic is, and
carefully choose the keyword (or key phrase) describing the topic. Users
don't like vague pages that don't make it very clear what the page is all
Don't even think about trying to 'trick' AdSense. (They have penalties,
including getting kicked out.) Don't create a page on one topic and give it a
file name about a different topic--that's too confusing.
In a nutshell, you want to make sure the page you create offers great value
to people interested in the topic. When you provide excellent information on
a specific topic, your visitors will benefit and will be more likely to click
through to relevant AdWords.

2: Everyone's seen way too many horizontal banner ads up top. Thus, Google
recommends you choose the vertical -- not horizontal -- format to display
your AdWords. I agree. People have become "banner blind" to a horizontal
format. Plus, Google has "trained" us to click on relevant text ads on their
own site and they use the vertical format.

3: It's to your financial advantage to put the AdWords near the top of your
page on the right. Make sure there is enough "breathing room" -- i.e. white
space around the ads -- so that they will easily attract your visitors.

4: The latest marketing tests have revealed that placing pictures beside, or
above you're a ads can have a massive impact on click-thru rates. This is
because the eye is immediately attracted to the picture, once they see the
picture, they see the ad!

5: I know it's tempting, because it seems so easy and it's just sitting there
waiting for you to do it, but do not click on the AdWords displayed on your
own site to increase your revenue. Google (rightfully) frowns on this.
Plus, Google has some of the smartest engineers around, and they are very
good at detecting this kind of fraud. And really, for an extra $1, is it worth
getting kicked out of a money-maker like AdSense? I think not...

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