5 techniques below will show you exactly how to get traffic to your website
and benefit from visitors who click on Google Adsense ads.

1. Find a topic you can create a two-part article.
Writing a part of your article and place it on a page on your website. Place
Google adsense ads on the side of your article. (Example: http://domain.com/joint-
business-ideas.htm) Next you need to make two parts of your article and make
forget to make reference to your article in the first two articles. Take part two
and submit your article to ezine publishers and article directories.
Using this technique, part two of your article will drive traffic to part one
article. In this way you will profit when someone clicks on Google Adsense
ad when visiting a web page that is part one of the articles in.

2. Create a site related to the market that do not have the
but the quality of content about a popular topic in your market.
Make sure you place Google Adsense ads on your site also. You then offer
ezine publisher ad in one of the pages of your site if they will mention your site
for their clients. Make sure they know that they will benefit other ezine publishers
send traffic to your site. Their customers will find those ads also.
You will benefit from the income you earn by people clicking on Google
Adsense ads.
This technique is beneficial for everyone involved. I have not seen people use it.
So be in the van and watch this technique Google Adsense income explode!

3. Find a profitable topic and create a 5-10 page website.
Make sure to place Google Adsense ads on your website with content.
Next you will want to create a mini-ebook or report on the topic, and including
Links to affiliate products and services related to your topic. Take your mini
ebook or report and give it to website owners and ezine publishers who can reach
target market. Allow them to brand the affiliate links in the ebook or mini
report with their own affiliate link. Your mini-ebook or report, you will
want to make many references to sites that are made to this topic that has
Google Adsense ads on it. Whoever passes this mini-ebook or report about
will increase traffic to your site, and you will benefit from people who click
Google Adsense ads.
This virus uses marketing techniques, which in my opinion is one of the most
powerful marketing techniques around. You can get some added exposure by
send ebook to ebook directories.

4. Take some of the articles you have written and uploaded to the
your website.
Make sure to place Google Adsense code on the side of your article. Now take
URL of your article and the URL in your signature line in your email or
forum signature line.
With this simple technique, I was up to $ 46 per day to spend some
URL minutes to put my signature line.

5. Create a mini ecourse on a topic that you know about or do
research on popular topics and create a mini course for it.
Take each day and place it on your own web site. One day will have
page itself. Two days will have a page, and so on. Make sure you place Google
Adsense ads on every page as well.
When people sign up for their email ecourse, not content, send
them to the web address where the content. The key is to put your
Google Adsense ads before content.
By using this technique does not only build your customer list, but you will also be
advantage of people who click on Google Adsense ads when visiting to read
You ecourse.
In the future I will write more articles about how to profit with Google Adsense.
By using the techniques above, you work smarter and not harder, and
the real key to making money with Google Adsense.

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