Click Happy Adsense Keywords Exposed

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Many people sell expensive lists of keywords that are supposed to make you tons
of cash for each click. Before you run out and buy one of those keyword lists, I
want to ask you a question.
Would you rather buy a list of keywords that pays you $25 per click, but only get
you 1 click a day ($25 profit per day), or would you rather get a free list of click
happy keywords that you can easily find yourself and get paid $4 a click, but get
50 clicks a day ($200 profit per day)?
Of course you want the click happy keyword list. Anyone would pick $200 a day
profit over $25 a day profit! So, exactly what is a click happy keyword?
A click happy keyword is a keyword that will cause someone to click based on
emotions that that keyword causes. Emotions like fear, anger, greed, disgust,
sadness, and more are all emotions that will drive people to click like crazy.
People look for answers when they feel an emotion.
When an over weight person is made fun of, and they go home to their computer
and look for a weight loss solution, they go to their favorite search engine, and
start clicking.
When a child comes home with lice a panicked mother will jump online and try to
find a quick solution to get rid of the lice on her child. She will become click
happy in her panic to find some instant solution.
By finding click happy keywords and building your site around them, you can tap
into this click happy people. You can take a keyword that only pays you $4 a click,
and make it make you more money than any other keyword you would get off of
some list of high paying keywords.

Finding these click happy keywords is super easy and will take you no time. I
simply open up my favorite keyword research tool, and type in some of the
following words.
There are literally hundreds of these words. Now I'd take one of these words, and
plug it in to my keyword research software. For example, when I do research for
the keyword “prevent” I see a good click happy keyword phrase which is "prevent
If you've ever had a bad hangover, you know that you would do anything to get
rid of it. Don't you think that someone suffering from a hangover wants the
prevention fast and is going to click like crazy until they find their answer? Of
course they are, and that's why finding these click happy keywords is so

The key to really using the power of click happy keywords is to make sure that
you only provide enough content on your site to send these click happy visitors
clicking off your site via one of your Adsense ads or affiliate links. You then make
these click happy visitors profitable to you.
Start searching today for these click happy keywords, and you'll never again have
to worry about spending a lot of money on those high paying keyword lists that
will keep you making less money.

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