By: Teknik SEO Indonesia
Published: September 30th, 2008

Can not be denied, is a milestone keyword success (or failure) SEO and online marketing as a whole. Keyword has an important role to determine where we will tertangking website by search engines, which ultimately determine whether the prospective visitors to our website to find or not. Therefore, when determining which keywords to target akan SEO, it is important to ensure that we choose the right keywords. The size of the question is how do we get one right while a particular keyword keyword is not appropriate for our website.

The selection of appropriate keywords to the website we will determine whether our website will be lost among the millions of websites, or to become the first choice to visit when someone searches through the search engine. In general there are two types of keywords. The first is the keyword trademark, that is keywords that directly relate or the trademark in it. Many website visitors to search using the trademark, especially for product-porduk the already very famous people, for example, than to search with "bali hotel" may direct the person will do a search with "bali Sheraton." If you have a product with the name of the famous, or you sell this type of product through your website, the keywords important to your brand noticed.

The second type of keyword is generic keywords, which can be widely defined as a keyword that is not related to the company name or trade name that you pasarkan. If you manage jasmine class cheap hotel in Kuta by the name "Hotel Cambodia" for example, you may not get a visitor can expect especially buyers who have come through a search by the name of the hotel as a keyword. In this case, a role more generic keyword, for example, "bali budget hotel" or "hotel in kuta".

However, although targets for keywords that contain the company name or trademark will not bring many visitors, we still need to target keywords that are related or contain the company name, trademarks, business, product category, and so forth. If we do not have it, other people may be taking advantage. For example, if "Hotel Cambodia" honored guests-guests, through the information from mouth to mouth, or a more modern, such as online forums, the name will be known. A travel agent may target a single page website for the keyword "hotel Cambodia," and those who know and then pass up the search with the keyword will be booked through the hotel travel agent, so the hotel manager as you have to pay commission.

When you begin the process of keyword selection, you should start with berdiksusi candidates to gather keyword-related bdiang type of business or your products. Every business has a product or a specific vocabulary, and you need to dig this. Berfikirlah as a buyer. Try not to think "if I want to sell this product, what I will call", but "if I want to buy products that I sell, what I will call". Start with a keyword that has a coverage area, although may be too broad because it does not bring too many visitors. Then the new dipersempit into a more specific keyword, but bring in visitors who have interest to buy more.

For example you sell a product as low fat milk is set aside for those who want to lose weight. Say you start with the "susu". This is relevant to the product you sell, but the scope is too wide may cause the number of visitors who come to search for the keyword, and do not necessarily buy. In fact they may need to baby susu, susu berkalsium high for adults, milk for breastfeeding mothers, the susu to peliharaan dog. Start with a narrow "susu adults" whether this is quite narrow, it may not yet because there are still other types. Maybe people find susu for adult men who want to maintain bone health, adult women who are breastfeeding, adult women who want to lose weight, etc.. Until then you find the "milk diet" as the appropriate keyword. All through the search with the keyword, interested in the type of product you sell.

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