By: Teknik SEO Indonesia
Published: February 23rd, 2008

There are some things to know before we start designing the website, so after we finished the website can be easily recognized, and in the index by search engines according to the keywords we target. This understanding is essential to avoid disappointment on the back of the day. Many people who pay the website designer to create a beautiful website that was sweet but a commercial failure, only because of the designer considers only the visual beauty, but does not understand the "taste" the search engine.

Each search engine gives different weight to each page element. But note that the ranking in search engines (for keyword targeted) is very dependent on the extent to which websites meet the criteria of the search engine. With the weight distribution berebda disparate, elements of the following are elements that are important to all search engine: the text (including the actual keywords in it), tags (the HTML tags and the contents of the Meta-Tags), a link in the website, and popularity (links from another website).


Text is the most important elements of a website, especially in the presence of keywords in the text, concerning the location and frequency of placement. Importance of keywords in the text have been made based on keyword marketing becomes an industry in which the amount of money involved is very large. Penenpatannya and keywords in the text is what gives the difference in the website, the website in the index by search engines and then entered into the list of search results when visitors search engine to search.

The keywords should match the words and phrases that will be used if potential visitors through the search through the search engine. To ensure the effectiveness of keywords that we select to be the target, required analysis of the behavior of market products offered by our website. Usually, research is needed to identify the keywords that will be targeted, and conducted testing to ensure effectiveness before the actually used.

If we choose the wrong keywords to target, then akan sia-damn hard work of all our SEO, because even after we successfully get a good ranking for keywords that we targeted, the success of this visit does not produce. Why? Because the target market we do a search through a search engine with a keyword that is different from that we target, where - of course - our website will not appear.


There are two types of Tags that are important to be in SEO, Meta Tags and HTML Tag. Technically Meta Tags HTML Tags are actually also, only has a special placement. Menting most of the Meta Tags Tags are Keywords and Description Tags.

Keywords Tag is where we declare to the search engines, for keywords what page we are relevant, and therefore should be shown in the list of search results.

Description tag is the place to declare a brief description about the contents of a web page.

Not all search engines use Meta tags as a criteria of determining the ranking. Because of this website other than the Meta tags should also utilize other HTML Tags. Some HTML Tags Other important and should be used because it is a Title tag, heading tags Top, and the Anchor tag.

Title tag is used to give the title of web pages.
After the Title tag is installed on a web page, the title will be displayed on the top of the line in the search engine (top left corner, outside the window contents). In the new-generation browser that features tab, the title will also appear on the tab.

Heading tags are also important aspects of the analyzed search engine.

Anchor tag is the text if the click will take visitors to another web page (either in our own website or on another website).

"Link Text" in the example above is a very important element. You may never see on a website, the text underlined, that if in-click will take you to another web page with content relevant tulusan you click it. That is an example of the use of the right Anchor tag. That's what search engines look for when analyzing a crawlernya website.


In the context of SEO, the links page on the website must be relevant to the content page as a whole, and must be connected to a website or page that befungsi. Link that connects to the website page or website that does not work (for example because the URL is wrong, the website that dituju down, etc..) Akan reflect on the achievement of a position in the search engine. Link is a key factor of the first until now is still important. Pengelabuan the many efforts made by the webmaster and website owner does not make this element would be abandoned, but the enhanced.

One of the ways used to trick search engines by using these elements is called Link Farms, the website or website pages that are linked, with the aim that the website or web page to get a high position on search engines. Currently the search engine already has a fairly sophisticated mechanism to eliminate this. Link Farms are not only no longer useful, but users will get a reduction in value or even completely excluded from the search engine.


Many search engine to incorporate this criteria in determining the rank formula. Popularity is the number of visitors who come to a website through search results on search engines. The more often you come to the visitor to click on a search engine, the higher our ranking website.

This is a factor which is difficult, such as determining which comes first in the world, between the egg and chicken. How you can get a high popularity, if you do not have a high ranking. Meanwhile, the website has a high ranking, there would be the stronger position because of high popularity.

There is much that we can do to menyiasatinya. Sometime I will try to study more detail one by one. The most easily if you have enough funds is by Pay Per Click such as Google Adwords. You are also currently utilize social networks, online directory, ad, newsletter, etc..

Other things

There are some other things that also require attention and penjadi part in our SEO strategy. For example, the text content of the website will be read and analyzed by the search engine and therefore must contain the keyword in the amount and composition of the right. Enough to attract search engine crawler, but not too much so it was not considered as an effort pengelabuan known as Keyword Stuffing, which could result in us by the website's search engine.

Tags alternative (Alt Tags) in the component images and links can also help us. Alt Tags on the image used to display information about the image that we attach to the web page. This text will not appear visually unless that use the visitor's browser can not display picture elements. Alt Tags on the link used to explain more than just what is written as Anchor Text. In a browser that supports this facility, visitors will be able to read this paper by placing the mouse on Anchor Text (mouse over).

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