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One free domain for which you do not lose it's domain, for the features manage domain is still good for you but Netter not one to try to service providers in this domain that is features feature-namely:

  • Address subdomains
We provide the Subdomains of the sub-directory, which means you will get the URL of the form / / /
  • URL cloaking
URL cloaking CO.IN your address in the address bar of your browser when you access through the web site address CO.IN. People will bookmark your site bookmark you CO.IN address, and search engines will index your site using CO.IN address. Keywords and description meta tags can also be used with the URL cloaking option.
  • Path Forwarding
All URIs (for example, is URL, the URI is / joe /) can be forwarded, so if someone went to links.html they will be forwarded to Joe's links.html page.
  • Prefix optional WWW
You can use the URL with / without www. Both work. For eg. You can use as or
  • Traffic Statistics
You can log in to Member area to view detailed statistics about site traffic, visitor details and other statistic.

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