PageRank 0, merchandise links KO!

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Stress the first word that came down when viewing the PageRank of 2 to 0, how can such? selling links that are run directly dropout.all champion google that decision must be accepted with the heart that can occur hot.why like that? the new name in the virtual world that makes people drunk, can only seek and find the source / articel that can make a little breather so relieved.

Mentioned in various sources, if we do paidreview also cause the PageRank so down, hold down the website ad why? we may not attach a link on another website, so we do not get backlink.thatreason that makes sense, because if it is the honest can occur when the website ad I have not managed without any promotion or a link on the other website.but just what it is ? the questions that always haunt the monitor sitting in front of the glass while doing the other action.

How to hold the next step so that this does not recur again? may be the following steps can ensure that the PageRank website / blog, we're not going down:

1. Submit blog / website to search engines and directories social network community.
2. Place a link blog / website on another website.
3. Update blog / website continuously.

What if PageRank website / blog we still in circumcision champion google, that might blog / website so we ok.he. more .. he ....

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