Free Hosting In Hyperwebenable

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You want to have a site with your own domain name and web hosting for free, you can try the list on By registering on this site you can get a site sperti without charge. There are several requirements you must meet. Main requirements are: at least every month you send the post 15 times. Or the number of visitors to 100 people per day.

Here are the services provided by (quoted from

1. Complete free services no hidden cost.
2. Free Website like
3. Multiple free websites also provided.
4. Free web space of 1 GB.
5. Unlimited email IDS for your website like (,
6. PHP 4.x
7. MYSQL (Unlimited databases).
8. Unlimited Bandwidth.
9. Free 51 free scripts to install in your website (like Blog scripts, Forum scripts, Content management scripts, Wiki).
10. We install extra scripts on request.
11. Hundreds of free templates to select.
12. Technical support by email.

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