Social Bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage your link url web page on the Internet with the help of metadata. In a system of social Bookmarking, users save links to web pages Bookmarking social services that they want to share to other internet users.

Social Bookmarking Service sites such as this are usually used by the perpetrators of internet marketing to seek development in the traffic and the development of back links. Because of the unique system developed by the Social Bookmarking website can help a website in the index more quickly by search engines such as google.

Social Bookmarking websites also do not stop the media as a place where the links from the website, but also provide facilities for sharing between web marketing such as to give point, the higher a point that belongs to a site in the store in the Social Bookmarking service, then the site will appear on the front page and that will impact on the level of popularity so that the website will generate a high number of visits, because it will captivate the visitor to know the contents of this website lengkat successful in getting a place.

For a web marketing success in the search engines is already a requirement, and to seek the best results in the campaign in a web search engine marketing akan Bookmarking social services to improve the position of the search results, and not only there to, also social Bookmarking in use as a container for memback up the link in the development of link building efforts.

However, due to the abuse carried out by web marketing by making such spaming, many social service code Bookmarking provide no follow meta tag on the website, this is an impact from a search engine spider will not mengindex and follow the link that is in the Social Bookmarking services are.

For if the purpose is to link building and search engine marketing should be looking at the social Bookmarking service that can follow the tags on the web sitenya meta tag, to the following list of social service Bookmarking website that the do follow tag even coming up on the page, so all the url in the submit akan in the index and follow by search engines, and this is very useful to improve the search results on search engines and increase page rank point with a website very quickly.

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