By: Teknik SEO Indonesia
Published: September 18th, 2008

Anchor text is the text on the page that if clicked will take us to another place, can be a particular location on the same page, can be another page on the same website, or a page on another website. In general, the form of any posts anchor text blue and underlined. If we menggerakan mouse through the text, the cursor shape will change. If you click on will lead us to another location. Canggihnya technology development with the website, the text blue and underlined is not a criterion because there are more techniques that can control the appearance.

Techniques in the use of SEO keywords as anchor text legal obligation. It's important that the anchor text is the use enables us to get two benefits at once from the keywords that we select. When a search engine crawler to read the anchor text in the page, he will detect that the text contains links. Link tesebut an indication to search engines about the content of the page and its relevance to the dituju page where the anchor text is located. So if we use the keyword in the anchor text, we will get two benefits for keyword ranking page where the anchor text is located, and a page for keyword ranking goals.

Of course there are exceptions from the concept. In SEO there are always exceptions. Use keywords in the anchor text over it can cause the search engine ranking mengurang our website, or even completely block the website from our search results as a whole. Optimization excessive if we repeatedly menggukan with keyword anchor text the same, without any variation.

Technique that is often used when we select the keyword which consists of two words, then we use each word in a different anchor text alone, and be carried out repeatedly, with the aim that the search engine provides a high ranking for the keyword is . With visitors, this usually looks so awkward. Although there was a lot of success stories using teknikSEO like this, for at this time should be avoided, because the search engine algorithms have the ability to detect things like this.

Practice is the most appropriate place with the anchor text using keywords, in the paragraphs that have relevant content. In this case, the value of the anchor text as important as the text on the paragraph in the surrounding areas. Note also that the page or website that dituju must also be relevant, wherever possible keywords used in anchor text in the page title goals. Thus, overall the three components can be mutually supportive. Although technical SEO as this is held is the most appropriate approach, perkecualiannya remain the same, the use may be excessive, there would be a boomerang.

Example implementation of SEO techniques can diliat on this blog. Generally, the words that appear on the blog page will have anchor text that contains keywords, which go to another page of relevant content and the title keywords. Penenpatannya can be in the form of contextual reference in the sentence, and the list-a list, for example, any posts most popular list, or list of words that most dikomentari. The contents of these lists have a link to another page that the content is relevant. Another thing that can be used is to prepare sitemap. Sitemap is a general list of the title page is achor text, click on the juka akan bring to the title page listed there. From an SEO, sitemap disitulah the benefits lie.

In conclusion, although the anchor text and keywords appear as something completely different, in fact both have a very close relationship, especially if viewed from the synergies in both our website ranking up.

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