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While this blog has been such activity in the community in Indonesia. One of the good news that the blog is a personal aspiration is to support the rapid flow of information is widely spread. Software-to blog can be found easily on the Internet, just call it WordPress, Blogger, Live Journal, TypePad, Blogsome, IndoWeblog, DagDigDug,,, BlogDetik and many other.

Forma-penggunannya also various ways, there are already ready to live life to have also a more serious blog and hosting space using your own domain. Tips in this paper specifically for the beginner that you are learning blog at a time can be used to produce skin rupiah dollar even from activity ngeblog.

Create you who do not know how to make blog reading my first article about how to Create a Blog on Blogger, if you want to create a WordPress install with their own domain and hosting also read How Easy Installation WordPress.
Search Engine Optimization

Search engine is the key to even the most important essential of any need to think about you first. Whether you blog using Blogspot or that have been popular, but you should not optimize accordingly it will be very difficult to be in the index by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask and Live Search.
Perbanyak Content

Content according to the amount of time I will get very good when there are so many. How content types the most searched? whether the public? specific (niche), Indonesian or English?. If you are serious to use blogs to make money use the English language, why? the answer is already clear akan readers of more rather than English. If you do not have the ability to write well in English do not worry because many computer programs to translate your posts into English.
Promote as often as possible

There are several types of promotions that you can do are:

* Promotions directly to search engines
This is offered by many sites on the Internet, of course, you must be selective. Most fundamental question if you use the services to which they are the results obtained in this way and how much it cost. When free they can provide this service free. Conversely, when paying what assurance was given by the company when you become a blog does not generate anything. My personal experience of how this is almost never use, why? whether because they do not believe? not only less but I like the many techniques offered banjirnya such as e-mail spam every day, such as a bid-offer promotions that confusing. However, if you use a paid akan little better rather than free version. Because many websites of this nature, please ask leader Google with keyword "website submission."
* Campaign website using referral Bookmarking
Media Bookmarking most famous on the Internet is But will only work effectively if you use a blog in English. Some sites that you can use a special language such as Indonesia are used SejutaBlog namely,, IndoTag and a besutan of the SejutaGroup Believe that referral traffic is busy flooding the blog you'll quickly.
* Place ads on Google search engine
My personal experience, using the advertising program from Google AdWords that is very quick to get the most traffic. By using the keywords (keyword) that it will be appropriate pilihanmu very quickly once to get traffic through search engines. But once in a while do not use AdWords if you do not want to traffic with AdWords because it is free does not free. However, if you are lucky to Google will give the amount of money as bonuses to spur you to continue using their service.
* Leave a trail on the other blog
This is absolutely free and quite effective. With comments on other blogs, you can will receive the flow of traffic specifically from other visitors to blog, the blog owner is at least it will check who is the comments. But do not just remember the impression menginggalkan not responsible, but the wise use.

Ways you can find more in-depth blog via any posts on my personal blog and SEO Tips for Beginners.
Place an Ad

Most easy way to make money use blog advertising is the owner of the product or service that you are willing to pay if there is a transaction on the ad. Various methods of advertising are quite many, the most difavoritkan and is quite easy to model PPC (pay per click).

PPC's most famous revolutionary, and is Google Adsense. Many Indonesian bloggers that AdSense ads on their blog. Ads that are easy to get the most earning (income) is a type of text than images. Favorite size for the ad text is the default 468 × 60 pixels, 300 × 250 pixels, 468 × 15 pixels. There are still some other size of ads, but you certainly need to adjust them with the design of your blog to appear neat and draw attention to a click. Blog you speak Indonesian? I need to worry read this first then you will get the answer.

An ad that is always good and clicked by readers berdesain generally very good and the settings really thought the well. Blog is very closely related to an article or any posts, so sisipkanlah text ads on artikelmu.
Advanced Tips

In this section especially for you who have the ability to slightly more than other bloggers who only want to immediately want to write it without optimizing your articles have been published.

* Filter the ads that you do not want
This is a very effective way to filter the ads that appear low on the blog for you. How do I know the price of an ad from AdSense? You must also learn that Google's AdWords. AdWords is an advertising program of Google where you can advertise there, with the cost of installation. An ad has cost levels if you want to show the normal or compete with a CPC (Cost Per Click). CPC ads with a high cost, of course, will appear more often rather than the cheap, you nah therein filters out low so does not appear on your blog. Learn more depth this keanggotaanmu in through Google AdWords.
* Enter the URL of your blog to the popular search engine
This is only once you do, register the following URL:
o Google
o Yahoo
o MSN Live Search
* Make a ping every time a new article
There are no ping pong, ping pong? who like to play ping pong ball. If you write something new soon to let search engines. How? easy, please download the following file is a list of the contents-list website / blog that you receive a ping. Some of the URLs below you can also use the ping on the popular search engine, including:
o Ping to Google: sitemap =
o Ping to Yahoo: Yahoo appid = & url =
o Moreover Ping to: u =
o Ping to Live Search:
o Ask to Ping: sitemap =
Do not forget to replace with your blog URL.
* Make a site map file you blog.
Make sure your blog has a sitemap.xml file in the root folder. If you use a WordPress blog is hosted with your own domain, please download a plugin answer at this time to make it automatically every time you write an article on the new blog. Once you have a sitemap please let at least 3 famous search engine below:
o Google Webmaster Tools -
o Yahoo Site Explorer - https: / / / submit
o MSN Live Search -

Therefore I hope that from the tips useful and happy fighting!

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